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Mobile App & Why You Want to Have One?

For Web development, there is a big difference in mobile website:

  • A website built specifically for mobile devices.
  • A website built for PC / Mac display that you want to display on mobile devices.
  • Mobile apps.

Mobile Websites

When you’re building a website for viewing on a mobile device, you have to forget a lot of what you know about PC or Mac-based web development. For instance –

  • On a mobile device, screens are small. Because of that, you don’t want to display global navigation on every page as you would on a traditional site. For mobile devices, keep navigation links to a minimum.
  • Keep content to a minimum. Communicate only the most essential information.
  • Mobile device users are mainly interested in doing something. Strip away content that are research oriented, such as “About” and “Company History” pages.
  • Make sure every page has a “Back” button at the bottom, since mobile browsers typically don’t display one.
  • Page layouts that look great on a computer monitor frequently look hideous on a mobile screen. For a mobile friendly site, you generally need to design from scratch.

Why you want a mobile website. And I’m not just talking about an iPhone, but also an Android device, Blackberry or even a Windows Phone. And you’re probably using it for something way more important than simply making a phone call. Just this weekend, Apple announced that it sold it’s 10 billionth app from the Apple store.  Smart phone usage in the U.S./India is expanding exponentially. Companies with a user-friendly mobile Web presence will capture more leads and make more sales than ones without. This should give you an idea about the power behind having a mobile app. And if the common person is heavily invested in having mobile apps, shouldn’t the next logical thought be that your company should have one?

If your company is indeed interested in branching out into the mobile scene beyond what it once was with smart codes and text messaging, then there are some things you should consider when you build one.


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